My Hobbies

As you may already know I love photography and traveling. Whenever I have a chance I pack my camera and just go anywhere to shoot. Since I hate driving and sitting in the traffic in Los Angeles, I tend to just stick it to the Metro rails to do my rounds in LA. I consider myself as an amatuer photographer, but my goal for next year is to get an Official Press Pass to shoot photos at the Oscars! Stay tuned! Other than photography, I bike often from Manhattan Beach down to Redondo Beach and back. One of my "local" traveling goals is to eventually make the Western United States my "backyard", and travel Internationally once or twice a year. Oh! and I forgot to mention that whenever and where ever I travel, a HOT Venti Toffe Nut Latte from Starbucks is always with me! :-)
Last Update 04.05.2008